Makamaka beach burger cafe, Barcelona.

I'm still, believe it or not, slowly working through all the photos I captured during my summer vacation to Barcelona, and seeing as my last restaurant review went down surprisingly well (if you haven't already, you can read that here) I thought 'why not do another?' If you'll excuse my granny-like language, Makamaka is one of the most hip and happening eateries in Barcelona, situated right next to both the harbour and Barceloneta beach, and always packed to the brim and buzzing like a hive of bees every night. There's large queues on an evening (despite the best efforts of their efficient and lively staff) so after walking past and being disappointed several times, we sensibly chose to visit on a weekday lunchtime instead, managing to nab a spacious three tables between the five of us! 

Food wise, they specialise in quirky yet delicious homemade burger and salad recipes made from the best local ingredients, and an amazing selection of smoothies and cocktails. On the two occasions we visited I had a banana republic smoothie, the Jamaican Holiday burger (chicken with mango? Yup, it totally works) with a ridiculously generous-sized bucket of garlic and Parmesan fries, and a California cheesecake consisting of cinnamon cookie crumble, creamy cheese and fresh mango in a jar (very Pinterest-worthy yet devoured so quickly I forgot to take a picture) all of which I wholeheartedly recommend and will order time and time again! Despite its popularity, the atmosphere is still undeniably cool and relaxed with simplistic pastel decor, deck chairs and candles in bottles, Hawaiian music and a fairy light canopy... perfect for kicking back, watching the sunset and eating some of the best food in the city.

Boho vibes.

Hollister top
Topshop belly chain, skirt and heels

It's odd to think that these pictures were taken over a month ago, and that we're now approaching winter here in the UK. My wardrobe is now full of long, thick and predominantly grey items, my tan has faded and I've started eating comfort foods like macaroni cheese (albeit a 'glam mac and cheese' recipe) and the next outfit you see will be much more suited to the weather we are experiencing right now! 

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately, and although my summer was eventful I know that really I should have done more... so to make up for it I'm already making plans for next year (can you tell I'm not a fan of winter?) including a five day trip to New York! *squeals* Having come from a family that have never left Europe, visiting America and the Big Apple in particular has been a dream of mine since I was teeny weeny. So to book, plan, fund and travel across the globe without my parents to arguably the best city in the world, will no doubt be one of the biggest and best learning experiences of my life. Now I just need to start saving (my US beauty wishlist has already reached one page of A4) and let the countdown begin to July 1st 2015! 

Two new pairs.

One of the first, and therefore most necessary, items on my new season shopping list has to be footwear, as unfortunately summer sandals and flats don't contribute to good transitional outfits once the not so great british weather comes into the mix! Rather than buying cheap boots that wreck easily, and then having to repurchase them twice or even three times over the course of a few months, I decided to invest in a classic leather pair and I thought these Topshop chelsea ones fit the bill nicely! Then, either for daintier outfits or warmer days, I couldn't resist this patent pointed pair (what a tongue twister) from Garage Shoes as they're the perfect mix of preppy and tough with a nod to the current 60's trend. Now I just need to wait for the free/discounted pairs I have picked at work (here and here, if you're interested) to be authorised...

Which shoe styles are you loving from the new season collections?