So be it.

Primark dress
eBay bag
Topshop shoes

I've had this post drafted for weeks, as it's my penultimate Barcelona outfit, but have just been seriously lacking in motivation to press publish. I may be the only one suffering from such feelings, but it seems as though I'm being bombarded with 'here's how to be a good blogger' style offerings here there and everywhere, which duly adds more and more unanswered questions and fancy words to the pile of things I don't want to think about (including 'schedule', 'branding' and 'finance') which led to me, putting it simply, wanting to scream out in frustration 'JUST LET ME BLOG!' Since when did this thing, that undeniably started for everyone as a hobby, become so tightly regulated and downright constricting? And with that thought, I shall now be blogging regularly yet sporadically (a.k.a whenever the heck I want to) and the contents of this corner of the internet shall be as ever-changing and evolving as its writer is.

Bill's, York.

Bill's is one of those restaurants that I constantly see blazoned across my instagram feed thanks to rave visits from some of my favourite bloggers (who are also major foodies) but is annoyingly located only in London a.k.a the other end of the country. Or at least that used to be the case. The other week I was strolling around York when I caught sight of a brand spanking new shiny Pinterest-worthy Bill's restaurant on the main street, fast forward three days and one booking later the lovely Nicola and I were in there faster than you can say 'hot potato'! 

Wonderfully attentive and passionate staff, casual yet elegant decor (chandeliers set against exposed brick walls anyone?), beautiful free wrapping service, and of course the food *insert heart eyed emoji here* Marinated chicken skewers with cous cous, tzatziki and pitta, sweet potato fries, blueberry 'upside down' cheesecake and a chunk of irresistible honeycomb and chocolate fudge to take home... oh and the peach and fresh mint iced tea actually has pieces of peach in it. It's like they just happened to put all my favourite things in one menu. We were both ridiculously impressed at the presentation and affordability too, so major brownie points all round Bill's! 

Now I'll just sit and slowly drool over the rest of the menu till they open up shop in Leeds... have you ever visited Bill's?

Blue vines.

Primark flower crown
Topshop top, shoes, bracelet and necklace
Pandora ring
River Island shorts

I'm currently trying my darn hardest to ignore the opinion/fact (delete where applicable) that summer is over, and therefore I can no longer wear outfits like the above without surely catching a cold. However as someone who is forever searching for silver linings, I think these tapestry-esque shorts will contribute nicely to a transitional outfit for the impending autumn, with tights *shudders* a pair of sassy chunky boots and a cute cropped knit. Oh and a warning in advance, be prepared for more holiday outfits as I ain't ready to let go of summer quite yet folks!