Wednesday Want: Folky lace and festival co-ords

Ark is one of the brands closest to my blogging heart (a lot of you loved my collaboration with them last Summer) so when I caught wind of their spring drop online I couldn't resist compiling a not-so-little list of my favourite pieces. They now stock an array of festival-worthy two sets, this coral palm print one being my most lusted after, and I just know I was born to dance the night away in their gorgeous folky lace crop top and monochrome kimono! 

Have Ark got you eager for summer?

Cats and cakes.

What a typical easter sunday looks like, with family in the countryside. Opening handmade cards and chocolate-themed presents, admiring the copious amounts of fresh flowers scattered around my auntie's abode, cuddling Molly (the only kitty I've ever been fond of) sitting in the garden, and eating orange and mocha cake. I wish every Sunday could be like this one!

Stripes and sneakers.

H&M top
Topshop skirt
Converse shoes
Rosegal watch*

On Wednesday the temperature here in Yorkshire miraculously hit fifteen degrees so Hannah, Gemma and I decided to make the most of it and go for a walk, pasty pins out and all. I used to be very anti-converse so if you'd have told fourteen year old me to spent forty quid on a pair I would have laughed  out loud, however flash forward two years and I am now converted. I got this white pair from Office recently, and I'm finding it difficult to not wear them 24/7 - they're just so comfy, and easy to style, and.... ugh, I'm in love. All I need now is a skateboard (I jest, despite dancing all my life I actually have no balance whatsoever)