November snippets.

Bouquets for days / Prettiest afternoon tea arrangement
 Watching The Devil Wears Prada / Getting festive with The Body Shop
 Sick day essentials / Double trouble
So many colours / Payday treats
Simply Chanel / Grandma's flowers 
 Getting my feet wet / Cute mother daughter meal
 Sleepy kitty / Double trouble take two 
The perfect breakfast / Lipstick on my mug
 Flower market browsing / Cheeky purchase?
 Hint for Santa / Candle season is upon us
 Admiring the sky / Learning how to DIY at Violet Lux
 My favourite dessert / Throwback with the main gal
 I'll take all four please / Making the most of leftover blooms
 Pretending to (loosely) be a cat for charity day / Goodbye autumn
 First festive Costa of the season / Dream heels at work
*smirky emoji* / One hella big tree
 River Island getting it so right / Hint for Santa take two
 Latest photography project / Festive MAC collection had me swooning
 My happy place / Lazy sunday mornings
 Mockingjay part 1 viewing / Good hair day
 Sky on fire / Goodies from Primark and Iconemesis*
Black Duvet Friday / Double trouble take three
 Major hint for Santa / Observing the heavens
Addicted to Brownie hot chocolate

November was spent appreciating the little things in life, like fab friends and fab hot chocolate, having fun in aid of the greater good and getting super excited for *whispers* CHRISTMAS!

Howdy cowboy.

Topshop hat and jumper
New Look trousers
Office boots*

Although most of my wage for the past few months has gone straight towards New York, I still thought it important to spend that little bit extra on some staple items to see me through Winter, the first (and most loved) example being this Topshop jumper! It's just the right length to sit atop jeans  and high waisted items alike, and boasts a decent amount of warmth with a comfortably high neck line. I know, I know... I don't quite resemble a cowboy (or should I say cowgirl) but these boots don't half make me feel like one, and - as my friends have noted - I get my 'strutt on' when I wear them! 

A little bit of luxury.

Simon and Tom Moroccan Treatment*

For as long as I can remember I have never experienced a period of complete satisfaction with my haircare routine. Just as I get my scalp issues in control, my locks appear lacklustre or split ends start popping up, and so on and so forth. However (as corny as it sounds) this all changed recently when I was kindly introduced to the Simon and Tom Moroccan Treatment*, a luxury oil-style product suitable for application after washing and prior to drying or styling. I think it'd be fair to say that I have tried and tested my share of conditioning and smoothing treatments from both ends of the price spectrum, and nothing has compared to the results I achieve from just four little pumps of this stuff. Arguably difficult to photograph, but it diminishes split ends almost completely and leaves my hair feeling super soft, manageable and healthy. Also, oddly enough, I keep getting compliments on the apparent increased length of my locks too! Not bad for under thirty pounds, purchased directly either here or from Amazon

Happy Hump Hair Day indeed!